High end Digital Video Recorders with IRIG-B time-stamp, GPS time-stamp or computer time stamp, Radar computer video monitor capture & recording, and advance rackmount servers and storage raid arrays. Please Scroll for More views 





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RS-1702 QUAD-core Xeon 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers


RS-1702 Quad core Telco Carrier Grade Linux or Windows Ent. servers AC or 28V DC p/s

RS-1702 QUAD Opteron 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers




Sarbanes-Oxley Act and

Enterprise storage Overview


Military COTS Products


Rugged Field Portable computer w/12V-28V DC


Military portable workstation




SCSI-IDE Raid Storage


SCSI-SAS Raid  System


SATA Raid Sub System


2U or 1U 48V dc  Raid array


24 Bay Storage SSD NAS




Min-SAN /Storage Data Backup


IP STORAGE Raid Expansion


NAS (Network Attached Storage)


Arena Indy Disk array systems


Encryption/Decryption Systems


Portable Frame Grabber System


Video surveillance systems


Video systems


Uncompressed DVR with IRIG-B

time stamping (scientific imaging)


1U 64-bit  Dual Opteron Server

Fault-tolerant 1U server


CEP Cluster System Information

Linux Clusters

Beowulf  Cluster Servers

1U, 2U, 3U, Raid Servers,  Workstations and Nodes


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4U, 5U Super servers


42U Cluster Server Systems

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Homeland security appliances

Kiosks / NEMA 4X terminals

Vision and Imaging solutions

CCD Cameras  Surveillance DVR

CCD Infrared Weather proof Surveillance camera

Frame Grabbers / Imaging System

Radar Acquisition systems

Image and Motion Sensors

24-28 V DC POWER Supply

Non-Linear Video Editor

Shipboard computers and

28V DC or -48V DC powered 19" rackmount PC

Plasma Display & Airport video systems

Airborne  Computers with 28V DC

Storage backup

Server Virtualization

Unified Storage

Storage Servers    

Partial Customer and client list.: Over the years our company has supported many customers, including but not limited to many primes and fortune 1000 companies with various custom solutions:

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broadcast and multimedia

Studio 9000DVR-IRIG™       IPTV /OTT/ VOD  Live Video Streaming
Unlimited IP video streaming system.

Stream unlimited video and data to multiple audience, clients and devices anywhere, anytime regardless of video format, bit rate or location

Real-time Multi-channel Rugged Digital Video Capture, streaming, playback and Recording system with optional IRIG-B or GPS frame time-stamp.

Capture | Record |Playback:  RGB (h-sync, v-sync or sync-on-green), VGA, SVGA, DVI, RADAR or X-RAY vision or video sources with Studio9000DVR-IRIG ™ HDTV version.  Now with optional HD-SDI video channels

High Definition Video/Image Recorder system with IRIG-B or GPS frame time-stamp

Multi-channel, high performance, high-speed Real-time Uncompressed High Definition Digital Video Recorder system for robust professional video broadcast, or scientific image acquisition and analysis.

Studio9000© HDTV DVR with optional IRIG-B time stamp and GPS data, Captures and records to hard disk the finest, clearest High Definition broadcast video for more detailed Scientific Imaging, professional video broadcast studio or filming applications in the industry. Capture single or multiple video streams or fames and directly to disk in raw or AVI format.

With optional HD/SD SDI you can even connect to 259 and 292 Mb/s standard definition SDI equipment such as Digital Betacam™, as well as 1.485 Gb/s HD-SDI equipment such as HD Mega-pixel cameras with ease, and this means capturing up to 1920 x 1080, progressive or interlaced and color precision, color space of 4:2:2 YUV /4:4:4 RGB all without changing equipment.

HD/SDI Video Input option
up to 4 x BNC HD/SD-SDI, 10 bit dual link input 4:4:4:4 or 4:2:2:4 Video and Key input, 4:2:2 SMPTE 259M, 274M and 296M framing @ speed up to 1.485Gbps.
YUV component input. Composite input.
or S-Video input. OR VGA or DVI input connector options expandable to 10 or 12 inputs for (standard NTSC)

Optional Audio:

Optional audio channels can be incorporated for synchronized audio/video capture and recording.



Blazing performance.. Uncompressed (or compressed) Real-Time video capture and recording System with optional precision IRIG-B time stamping and GPS interface features. Standard composite or component analog video acquisition in color NTSC/PAL, SECAM, RGB, RGB-HV**, RGB YCrCb 4:2:2, YUV 4:2:2 , RGB 4:4:4 or in monochrome format CCIR (625 lines) & EIA (525 lines) are supported. Optional HD/SD SDI supported. Up to 240fps (analog) , and very high speed digital video up to 2048 x 2048 resolution and 30fps up to 500 fps -1000 fps (digital).

Capture HD Full Frame rate of 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 1024 or Standard 640 x 480, 752 x 480 res @ 30fps (NTSC) or 768 x 576 @25fps PAL for Analog Standard cameras or up to 2048 x 2048 resolution for Digital cameras


  • Capture continuous real-time video directly to hard disk at up to 1-GB/s; 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit, 14-bit, 24-bit mono or color

  • Analog RS-170, NTSC/PAL, RGB, and digital LVDS, CameraLINK, USB, FireWire 1394, and RS-644 or RS-422 camera interface and GigE options

  • Video resolution: 640 x 480, up to 2048 x 1536 pixels; compressed or uncompressed video formats include: AVI, MJPEG, optional MPEG-4 and component HDTV to 1080p or 1080i

  • Digital clock circuitry; capture high-speed, high-resolution images from RGB or composite; progressive scan, line scan, and area scan

  • Optional SDI video I/O (SMPTE 259M, 270 Mbps) with embedded AES/EBU audio

  • IRIG-B and GPS formats include: Time code generator, IRIG receiver,ANT BNC input connector, and DB-9 pin RS-232 connector

  • Real-time simultaneous capture of up to four channels; stream video directly to hard drive, memory, or display output

  • RAID 0 storage with capacity up to 4.8 TB option, and expandable with CePOINT’s optional NAS RAID storage for extended duration of video

  • External event triggers; up to 4- or 8-channel digital I/O for programmable triggers

  • External interface ports include: RJ-45 Ethernet, 1 x PS2 keyboard, 1 x PS2 mouse, VGA, DVI, RS-232, or RS-422, USB and IEEE1394a

  • Support for Region of Interest (ROI) video manipulation, packed and planar; YUV 4:2:2

  • Rugged MIL-COTS format; lightweight, rugged 19" 2U, 3U, or 4U rack mount, airborne or portable with 24 V or 28 Vdc option

New Features Now includes HDTV :

Analog RGB-HV (RGB with H-Sync and V-Sync input

RGB with composite Sync -4 wire

Analog RGB with Sync-on Green -3 wire

HD-SDI Support Option

Optional support for SMPTE 259, 274M, 292M framing for formats up to 720P, 1080i and 1080p video. Saves YCrCb 4:2:2 or 24 bit RGB raw data, compliance with HS-SDI 1.485Gbps data rate.

Studio9000DVR-IRIG has more features and options available than any other Scientific high performance professional Image acquisition and video capture/recording system available.

**RGB-HV (RGB with H-Sync and V-Sync input/output, or Sync- on- Green) and computer screen capture

Unlimited multi-cam editing and re-editing of captured video without de-gradation or frame loss. Capture continuous Real-Time video directly to system Hard disk or memory

High speed image capture and recording direct to system Hard drive. Acquire images from 8-bit,

10-bit, 12-bit, 14-bit and 24-bit digital cameras. Pixel clock rate up to 170MHz.

Continuous or Single Frame Captures & Recording:

Captures continuous real-time video directly to system hard

disk or memory; compact, rugged 2RU, 3RU,, 4RU or 5U

MIL-COTS format; capture and stream directly to disk at
up to 1 GB/s. Capture directly to system hard drive

from different video formats and sources supported by Studio9000 DVR. Monochrome or color at 8 bits, 10 bits,

12 bits,14 bits, and more, including area scan, progressive
scan, and line scan. Optional interface features

include analogue BNC, Digital LVDS, CameraLINK, USB,
1394a & b FireWire cameras, VGA and DVI input ports. & GigE.


Multiple optional Interfaces includes selection from:

Digital cameras or Analog BNC, RS-170, CCIR, PAL,NTSC , RGBHV (Sync-on Green), Digital, RS-422, RS-644 (LVDS), CameraLink® , USB camera interface option or Firewire 1394 and GigE, Computer video, LVDS digital interface., DVI & DB-15 intrf, and BNC port options

Capture images at different resolutions and different frame rates from multiple sources

@ rates up to 1000fps ( Please ask for compatible cameras)



Capture direct to system Hard drive from different video formats and sources supported by studio9000 HDTV DVR.Monochrome or color;8-bits, 10-bits, 12-bits,16-bits up to 24-bits and more, including area scan, progressive scan and line scan. Raw, AVI, MPEG4. H264, MJPEG, JPG

**OPTIONS: RGB-HV Interface Features subject to change. Please inquire from our engineering sales.


  • Airborne Video Recording

  • Object Tracking &Time reference measurement or Radar

  • Broadcast Tape Deck Replacement

  • Time Lapse Recorder

  • Missile Range Testing

  • NLE / Linear Edit Source/Recorder

  • Endless Video Program Looping

  • Security Recorder/Player

  • Medical Recorder/Player

  • Bullet Explosion Testing

  • Industrial Monitoring

  • Portable Field Production

  • Desktop Video Capture Station

  • High Definition Digital Video Archiving

  • Military Surveillance Recorder

  • Education & Training/Long distance Learning

Real-time IRIG time stamp and GPS position data filter

Studio9000© DVR greatly simplifies the process of time referencing object position and timing measurements by integrating real-time video acquisition, and IRIG-B and GPS interface on frame by frame basis.

Airborne Video Recording.

Studio9000© DVR is common in military and aerospace industry where it is important for precise time referenced captured images, especially for airborne video

Its’ robust capability in interfacing with various high speed cameras (including infrared cameras), to the inbuilt- frame grabbers allows continuous real-time video recording for durations up to 3 hours and more, depending on number of simultaneous acquisition/recording and image resolutions, expandable to 8 hours with Cepoint’s NAS RAID storage units

Each video frame captured can be non-destructively stamped with IRIG-B time and GPS position data, and other external data feed into it. Live video is displayed in real-time from sources while directly recording to system memory or internal SCSI Hard drives so as to provide constant verification of what is been recorded.
The GPS and IRIG information or data can be viewed alongside each video frame.

Archive or Transfer to Tape Back-up or Archive to DVD
© DVR lets you easily transfer you video from the remove able SCSI or SATA hard drive or via embedded Gigabit NIC to external RAID Storage or tape back-up devices for future retrieval.

New Optional RGB-HV (H-Sync, V-Sync I/O with sync on green) Functions: Optional addition of RGB-HV (H-Sync, V-Sync input/output features) to Studio9000DVR-IRIG enables the unit with this option to acquire images and video stream from both standard and non-standard video inputs of up to 200MHz from RGB-HV source. Input resolution up to 2 Mega pixels total area for double buffered acquisition mode. With RGBHV providing H-Sync and V-sync Input/Output, standard VGA video mode can be captured via active RGB loop through 15-Pin D-Shell VGA connector or DVI-BNC connector adapter cable. These features are also excellent for Radar video applications.




OPTIONAL: 17” TFT LCD Display or 8.5” inbuilt


Right Fig(b): 5U Rugged & Hardened unit w/8.4” TFT LCD Display and keypad control panel

IRIG or GPS Time-stamp

Studio9000™ DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with IRIG-B time stamp option provides real-time interactive Uncompressed (or compressed) real-time video recording to system memory or hard disk.The digital recording process utilizes Modulated IRIG-B time format, with modulation ratio of 3:1.(IRIG versions only).Each video frame data is non-destructively time stamped with IRIG-B time code and other optional external data like GPS data. The systems real-time simultaneous capturing and playing enables constant monitoring and verification of recording operations and activities.

This ensures faultless real-time image processing and analysis.


  • Supports area scan and line scan cameras

  • Records to system memory or a hard disk subsystem

  • Supports uncompressed or compressed video storage

  • supported digital camera types: Camera Link, Firewire (IEEE-1394), LVDS, RS-422 & USB

  • supported analog camera types: standard and progressive scan analog formats

  • live video display on host during recording

  • supported pixel types: monochrome 8 to 14 bits, RGB 8:8:8, RGB 5:5:5, RGB 5:6:5, YUV 4:2:2 , YUV 4:2:0

  • image decoding for multi-tap formats, Bayer color formats, and custom formats via plug-in conversion modules

  • comprehensive controls for record/playback timing, and record/playback stopping conditions

  • electronic or keyboard activated triggered acquisition with optional pre-trigger circular buffer

  • interactive event marking during recording and playback

  • automated recording, playback, and image processing from Python scripts

  • playback as frames or as waterfall (for line scan)

  • image display at full-screen or in a window with zoom in/out

  • thumbnail image display mode

  • interactive Output Look Up Tables controls with multiple tables and real-time LUT switching

  • image file import and export for AVI, WMV, DPX,TIFF, BMP, JPEG, raw binary, ASCII text file formats

  • specialized controls for accessing the unique features of each supported frame grabber

  • simultaneous record/playback of additional data streams, e.g. Date/Time, GPS, IRIG-B, data acquisition. card, sound cards...

  • interactive image processing on captured image sequences with extensive library of image processing and analysis operations

  • real-time image processing using embedded powerful host CPU

  • compatible with industry standard cameras from many manufacturers

  • Removable hard disk or storage modules for data transport or security

  • Network Ethernet Ports and USB ports for data transfer

  • supports Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP Pro

OTHER FEATURES (depends on configuration)

Fully integrated hardware/software solution

Full integration with optional IRIG B time stamp or GPS data record

Real time simultaneous playback of 2 or more video streams & 2 graphics streams

Embedded dedicated ultra-320 SCSI interface for fast data transfer rate

Compressed and uncompressed recording and playback

Mix compressed and uncompressed clips in the same project

Flexible analog video I/O: composite, component & Y/C

Balanced & unbalanced stereo analog audio I/O

Direct support for DV I/O through

IEEE-1394 interface

Accepts optional SDI and analog or digital audio I/O

Full frame 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 1024, or 720 x 486 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL) resolution

Dedicated preview channel video output

Adjustable genlock timing referenced to video input

Real time 6-channel hardware audio mixing

Real time parametric audio EQ

Direct timeline support for DirectShow-compatible audio plug-ins

Real time 2D and 3D DVE, including picture-in-picture, perspective, warp and rotation

Real time rolls and crawls

Real time variable speed changes and reverse playback

Customizable, key frameable real time 2D transitions (12-bit ultra-smooth anti-aliased

wipes with colored and soft-edge borders)

Customizable, key frameable real time 3D transitions with sub-pixel movement for

Fully key frameable real time proc amp controls and color correction

Real time key frameable chroma /luma keyer

Real time support for 32-bit video files with alpha channel

Digital I/O trigger ports

 RADAR & X-RAY VISION Application

Capture RADAR screen

Capture VGA or DVI sources

Capture X-Ray Medical equipment Video

Add Audio to video /AES audio conforming to SMPTE-272M is supported on the SDI input. Audio may be synchronous or asynchronous with respect to both the SDI video, and system audio sample clock. For audio I/O, balanced AES/EBU (EIAJ CP-340, XLR), unbalanced AES/EBU (SMPTE-267M, BNC) and S/PDIF (RCA, unbalanced) are provided.

tegrated waveform/vectorscope display


Batch Capture, Recapture and Print-to-Tape support RS-422 and DV control

Stand-alone logging tool for generating batch capture lists

IRIG-B and GPS Spec:  (spec subject to change)

Real Time Clock

Bus Request Resolution 100 nanoseconds

Latency Zero

Major Time Format Binary or BCD

Minor Time Format Binary

Time Code Translator

Time Code Formats IRIG A, IRIG B*, NASA 36

(Modulated or DCLS)

Time Accuracy <5 µS (modulated)

<1 µS (DCLS)

Modulation Ratio 3:1 to 6:1

Input Amplitude 500 mV to 5V P-P

Input Impedance >10K., AC coupled

* See IEEE 1344 Compliance below

Time Code Generator

Time Code Format IRIG B*

Modulation Ratio` 3:1

Output Amplitude 4 V P-P (fixed) into 50

DC Level Shift TTL/CMOS

* See IEEE 1344 Compliance below

IEEE 1344 Compliance

The translator processes the 27 control function bits of IRIG B time code as set forth in IEEE 1344. The 27 control function bits provided by the input IRIG B time code are output in the generated IRIG B time code one time frame after received. If the input IEEE

1344 bits are not present in the input IRIG B time code, the last two digits of year are placed in bits 1-9 of the control function field of the generated IRIG B time code.

Timing Functions

Heartbeat Clock (TTL, 50.) Programmable Periodic,

<1 Hz to 250 kHz

Time Strobe (TTL, 50.) Programmable

1 µSec through hours

Event Capture (TTL) 100 nSec resolution, zero


1 PPS Pulse Rate (TTL, 50.) Positive edge on-time

Disciplined Oscillator

Frequency 10 MHz

Outputs 1, 5, or 10 MHz (selectable)

Rate Stability:

Standard VCXO 5E-8 short term ‘tracking’

5E-7 /day long term ‘fly wheeling’

Optional Oven Osc. 2E-9 short term ‘tracking’

5E-8 /day long term ‘fly wheeling’

Sync Sources GPS, Time Code, 1 PPS,

10 MHz

GPS Subsystem (if GPS option included)

Time Accuracy <1 µSecond

Position Accuracy 10 to 20 meters SEP (SA off)

Maximum Velocity 300 meters/sec (1,080 KPH)

Number of Channels 6

Receiver Frequency 1.575 GHz (L1, C/A code)

Time to First Fix Worst case: 5 to 15 minutes

Solution Modes 1, 3, and 4 satellites

Connector Types

J1 - GPS ANT BNC connector

J2 - Module 9-pin I/O RS-232, TTL



Temperature: Module Ant/Rcvr

Operating 0º C to 70º C -40º C to 70º C

Storage -30º C to 85º C -55º C to 85º C


Operating 5% to 95%* 95%


Operating Altitude Up to 18,000 meters MSL

Options Include:

Bullet GPS Antenna**

Airborne GPS Antenna

Magnetic GPS Antenna

Extended Length GPS Antenna Cable

Isolation Transformer Time Code Input

D’ Connector (J2) to BNC Adapter

Drivers: Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Linux,

NI LabVIEW & DAQ (Data Acquisition) I/O.

Cepoint Networks, LLC. 1W Otterson Street, Nashua, NH 03060 Phone: 603.883.7979. fx.603.883.3266

E-mail: sales{AT}cepoint-DOT-com website:

Specifications are subject to change without notice .Specific applications configuration may vary. Some features described here may be available only on the more advanced Systems, and so may not be available on basic systems. Please contact company Rep for custom configuration .Admax CG pro, Studio9000, Studio9000-DVR, Studio9000 DVR-IRIG© and TransPAC-6300VS are trademarks of Cepoint Networks, LLC. All other trademarks are proprietary rights of their respective owners. ©1996-2009 Cepoint Networks, LLC. All rights reserved no part or parts of this publication may be reproduced without authorization..