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TRANSPAC-6300 HIGH RESOLUTION Rugged Field Portable, Multifunctional Data Acquisition computer System for temperature, strain guage, accelerometer, transducer, and vibration testing measurements.

Multiple PCI and PCI-express Expansion slots and DC-12, 24VDC or 28V DC power supply with Battery backup

 TRANSPAC-6300 /DAS-6063T TransPAC is a hardened, ruggedized portable with Optional 16-Channels Analog/Digital, multifunctional data acquisition system, for testing , measurement, acquisition or data logging, Easily expandable to 64 channels. Whether the applications is Temperature transducer, strain, accelerometer or vibration testing or measurements, DAS-6063T is built o handle the though demands. The system hardware is comprised of up to optional 80 I/O plug-and-play PCI board, 3 ft. cable, and screw terminal/signal conditioning pod. Cold-junction compensation is built-in to the DAS-6063T, which provides precise thermocouple measurements, with channel-to-channel variation and

noise less than 0.2C, and accuracy better than 1.0C. A separate low-noise amplifier per TC channel allows for these exact measurements. TransPAC-6300 /DAS-6063T is available with OPTIONAL  7, 14 or 28 or 32 thermocouple input channels and an 8-channels RTD.

In addition to Analog and thermocouple inputs, DAS-6063T also provides 7 or 14 differential voltage input channels that offer 16-bit resolution and 13 programmable full-scale input ranges from 156 mV to 10V. per port .The 4 or 8 frequency input channels can

measure frequency or count pulses up to 10 MHz. Two timer output channels are capable of generating square

wave outputs up to 1 MHz. 24 or 48 digital I/O lines are also included, which can be programmed in 8-bit groups as

either inputs or outputs.

All inputs, including thermocouple inputs, voltage, frequency, and digital, can be synchronously scanned up to 200K readings/s, which provides accurate time correlation between all inputs. The 16-bit/100-kHz analog outputs can be used to generate waveforms with a virtually infinite waveform output length from the system memory.

All inputs and outputs are accessed via convenient screw terminals located on the signal conditioning pod. The cover

of the signal conditioning pod is easily removed to gain access to the screw terminals for signal connections.

Screw-terminal access to all voltage inputs, digital I/O, frequency I/O, and analog output

DAS-6063Tincludes a full suite of third party software including DaqView Out-of-the-Box software, plus drivers for DASYLab, LabVIEW,

TestPoint, MATLAB, and Windows-based

languages including Visual Basic, and C++

mp Series Configurations*


Production test

Vibration analysis

Stimulus/response analysis

Process monitoring and control


Sound analysis

Automotive engine testing


FEATURES OVER VIEW (with optional Analog/Digital I/O card):

Rugged aluminum alloy hardened industrial chassis

Up to 16 or 32-Channel, 200 KS/s A/D easily expandable to 64 or 128 channels

A/D 16-bit resolution

8- Digital I/O bits & 2 counter/timer

Built with powerful Intel Pentium 4 Dual-Core processor

1GB internal DDRAM memory

120GB internal storage shock mount hard disc drive

(Removable or swappable storage option)

3.5" floppy and 24 x CD-ROM

Rugged Flash Disk option

Expansion PCI,  PCI-X or PCI-Express slots available

12- 15" TFT LCD display 1024 x768 with analog video converter

Display of multiple windows or reports

Up to 4 simultaneous window display view of tests or reports

Real-Time data acquisition or logging.

Data transfer or transport via removable media, TCP/IP or RS-232/422.

Reports or results in ASCII protocol, Excel spreadsheet

Built for Extreme harsh terrains and environments

Portable , Less 35lbs

Specifications & Ordering Information

OPTION 1: TransPAC-6300 w/ 4-PCI slots, SSD & 24V DC or 110V AC ( Analog or Digital I/O not includd)

OPTION 2:  The DAS-6063T provides 7,14, 28 or 32 differential channels

of TC/mV inputs (depending on factory configuration), and

8 RTD channels configured in 37-pin ports: P1, P2, P3. to

physically connect the thermocouples or RTDs via DBK screw

box terminals that are signal conditioned.

System Connector: All DBK options have a DB37 male,

which mates with P1, P2, P3 on the Das-6063T system, or

other DBK options

TC/mV Connector

DBK81: Board-mounted screw terminals

DBK82: Board-mounted screw terminals

DBK83: External pod-mounted screw terminals

DBK84: Mini-TC connectors

Functions: TC types J, K, S, T, E, B, R, N; x100 (voltage)


DBK81: 7 differential TC/mV inputs

DBK82: 14 differential TC/mV inputs

DBK83: 14 differential TC/mV inputs

DBK84: 14 differential TC/mV inputs

Input Voltage Range: 100 mV**

Input Impedance: 40M Ohm (differential); 20M Ohm


Input Bandwidth: 4 Hz

Input Bias Current: 10 nA typ

CMRR: 100dB typ

Maximum Working Voltage (signal + common

mode): 10V

Over-Voltage Protection: 40V

Power Requirements

DBK81: 35 mA max from 15V;

2 mA max from +5V

DBK82: 60 mA max from 15V;

2 mA max from +5V

DBK83: 60 mA max from 15V;

2 mA max from +5V

DBK84: 60 mA max from 15V;

2 mA max from +5V

Operating Temperature: 0C to 50C

Voltage Accuracy: (0.2% of rdg +50 V)

TC Accuracy: Valid for one year, 18 to 28C,

see table below

Minimum Resolution: 0.1C for all TC types


TC Accuracy table:

Type Min Max -100 0 100 300 500 700 900 1100 1400

J -200 760 0.6 0.5 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.7

K -200 1200 0.7 0.6 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.8 0.9 1.0

T -200 400 0.7 0.6 0.6 0.6

E -270 650 0.6 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.6

S -50 1768 2.3 1.8 1.5 1.5 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.6

R -50 1768 2.3 1.6 1.5 1.4 1.4 1.3 1.4 1.5

B 50 1780 3.7 2.4 2.1 1.8 1.7 1.5

N28 -270 400 0.9 0.7 0.7 0.7

N14 0 1300 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.8 0.8 0.9 1.0

C (C

RTD Specifications

RTD channels:

  •  Provides eight RTD channels

  •  Supports 3- and 4-wire RTDs

  •  Supports three ranges of RTD resistance

  •  Features resolution over the full range of -200 to +850C span

  • Connector: DB37 male, mates with P2 or P3 pin out on the DAS-6063T; screw terminals and provided for signal connections

    Configurations: 3- or 4-wire

    Alpha: 0.00385

    Inputs: 8 channels

    Temperature Ranges:

    100, 500, or 1000 Ohm: -200 C to +850C

    RTD Excitation Voltage:

    100 Ohm 635 mV

    500 Ohm 455 mV

    1000 Ohm 235 mV


    100, 500, or 1000 Ohm: 1.5C


    100, 500, or 1000 Ohm: 0.3C

    Range and RTD Type Adjustments:

    Jumpers on circuit board

    Output Waveform: Square wave

    Output Rate: 1-MHz base rate divided by 1 to

    65535 (programmable)

    High-Level Output Voltage: 2.0V min @ -3.75 mA;

    3.0V min @ -2.5 mA

    Low-Level Output Voltage: 0.4V max @ 2.5 mA

    Ordering Information

    Description Part No.

    All DAS-6063T temperature systems include screw terminal measurement

    board, 3 ft. cable, signal conditioning pod, and

    software (see below). All programming documentation

    is included on the CD ROM supplied with

    the system.

    7 differential TC inputs* DAS-6063-Temp7

    7 differential TC inputs,

    plus 2 analog outputs* DAS-6063-Temp 14

    14 differential TC inputs* DAS-6063-Temp 28A

    28 differential TC inputs,

    plus 4 analog outputs* DAS-6063-Temp32

    * Additional I/O included with every system includes 7 differential

    voltage inputs, 24 digital I/O, 4 counter inputs,

    and 2 timer outputs.


    Software included with the DAS-6063T consists of DaqView,

    Windows drivers for Visual Basic and C++, and drivers for DASYLab, LabVIEW, TestPoint, and MATLAB.

    Optional software provides a direct link from DaqView and DASYLab

    into Excel spreadsheets DaqView XL and optional LogView software

    C (C)



    Power: 110-250ac auto-switching, 250 watts. 24 or 48 DC option available

    Operating Temperature: 0 to +60C

    Relative Humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing

    System Dimensions:

    Dimensions: 17.25" W x 13.38" H x 9.25" D

    Weight: approx. 35lbs

    Signal Conditioning/Screw Terminal Pod

    Dimensions: 86 mm W x 240 mm D x 42 mm H

    (3.4" x 9.44" x 1.65")

    A/D Specifications

    Type: Successive approximation

    Resolution: 16 bit

    Conversion Time: 5 s

    Maximum Sample Rate: 200 kHz

    Nonlinearity (Integral): 1 LSB

    Nonlinearity (Differential): No missing codes

    Voltage Inputs

    Channels: 7 differential inputs, programmable on a

    per-channel basis for unipolar or bipolar

    Temperature Coefficient: (10 ppm +0.3 LSB)/C

    Input Impedance: 20M Ohm (differential)

    Bias Current: <1 nA (0 to 35C)

    Common Mode Rejection: 86 dB, DC to 60 Hz for

    gains < =8; >100 dB for gains > =16

    Maximum Input Voltage: 11V relative to analog


    Over-Voltage Protection: 35V

    Ranges: Software or sequencer selectable on a perchannel

    basis, from 156 mV FS to 10V FS

    Voltage Accuracy: One year, 0-35C (exclusive of

    noise); for full-scale input ranges from 2.5V to

    10V, accuracy is 0.015% of reading +0.005% of

    range. For full-scale input ranges from 312 mV to

    1.25V, accuracy is 0.015% of reading +0.008% of

    range. For full-scale input of 156 mV, accuracy is

    0.02% of reading +0.008% of range.

    Thermocouple Inputs

    Channels: 7,14, 28 or 32 differential TC inputs

    TC types: J, K, S, T, E, B, R, N, or mV input

    Input Voltage Range: 100 mV

    Input Impedance: 40M Ohm

    Input Bandwidth: 4 Hz

    Input Bias Current: 10 nA

    CMRR: 100dB typ

    Over Voltage Protection: 40V

    Voltage Accuracy: (0.2% of rdg + 50 V)

    TC Accuracy: See table above; valid for one year,

    18C to 28C.

    Minimum TC resolution: 0.1C for all TC types

    Input Sequencer

    Temperature, voltage, digital and frequency inputs

    can be scanned synchronously, based on either an

    internal programmable timer, or an external clock


    Scan Clock Sources: 2

    1. Internal, programmable from 5 s to 5.96

    hours in 5 s steps

    2. External, TTL level input up to 200 kHz max

    Programmable Parameters per Scan: Channel

    (random order), gain, unipolar/bipolar

    Depth: 512 locations

    Channel-to-Channel Scan Rate: 5 or 10 s per channel,



    Trigger Sources: 6, individually selectable for starting

    and stopping an acquisition. Stop acquisition can

    occur on a different channel than start acquisition;

    stop acquisition can be triggered via modes 2, 4, 5,

    or 6 described below. Pre-trigger is supported with

    fixed or variable pre-trigger periods.

    1. Single-Channel Analog Hardware Trigger

    Any voltage or TC input channel can be software

    programmed to be the analog trigger channel

    2. Single-Channel Analog Software Trigger

    Any voltage or TC input channel can be selected

    as the software trigger channel. If the trigger

    channel is a thermocouple, then the driver automatically

    compensates for the delay required to

    calculate the temperature, resulting in a maximum

    latency of one scan period.

    3. Single-Channel Digital Trigger

    A separate digital input is provided for digital


    4. Digital Pattern Triggering

    Pattern triggering is available on the digital input

    port. Triggers can be set on equal value, above a

    value, below a value, inside a window, or outside a

    window. Individual bits can be masked for "dont

    care" condition.

    5. Counter/Totalizer Triggering

    Counter/totalizer inputs can trigger an acquisition.

    User can select to trigger on a frequency or

    on total counts that are equal, above, below, or

    within/ outside of a window.

    6. Software Triggering

    Trigger can be initiated under program control.

    Analog Output

    Up to four analog output channels can be updated

    synchronously relative to scanned inputs, and

    clocked from either an internal onboard clock, or an

    external clock source. Analog outputs can also be

    updated asynchronously, independent of any other

    scanning in the system. Bus Mastering DMA provides

    CPU and system-independent data transfers.

    This feature ensures accurate outputs that are irrespective

    of other system activities. Streaming from

    disk or memory is supported, which allows continuous,

    nearly infinite length, waveform outputs (limited

    only by available PC system resources).

    Channels: 0, 2, or 4

    Resolution: 16 bits

    Output Voltage Range: 10V

    Output Current: 10 mA

    Offset Error: 0.0045V max

    Gain Error: 0.01%

    Update Rate: 100 kHz max, 1.5 Hz min

    (no minimum with external clock)

    Settling Time: 10 s max to 1 LSB for full-scale step

    Clock Sources: 4, programmable

    1. Onboard D/A clock, independent of scanning

    input clock

    2. Onboard scanning input clock

    3. External D/A input clock, independent of

    external scanning input clock we should provide it

    4. External scanning input clock

    Frequency/Pulse Counters

    Counter inputs can be scanned synchronously

    along with voltage, TC and digital scanned inputs,

    based either on internal programmable timer, or

    an external clock source. Bus Mastering DMA provides

    CPU and system-independent data transfers,

    ensuring data acquisition performance irrespective

    of other system activities. Counters can be

    configured to clear when read, or to totalize and

    clear under program control.

    Channels: 4 x 16-bit; cascadable as 2 x 32-bit

    Frequency Measurement Rate: 10 MHz max

    Input Signal Range: -15V to +15V

    Trigger Level: TTL

    Minimum Pulse Width: 50 ns high, 50 ns low

    Frequency/Pulse Generators

    Channels: 2 x 16-bit

    Cepoint Networks, LLC Contact:

    sales{AT}cepoint-DOT-com. 603.883.7979

    Cepoint Networks, LLC.2003 All rights reserved. Cepoint, DAS-6063T, is a trademark of Cepoint networks, LLC. DBK series, Daqtemp, Daqview is a trademark of IOtech, Inc. INTEL is a registered trademark of Intel corp. AMD is a registered trademark of AMD corp. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.