High end Digital Video Recorders with IRIG-B time-stamp, GPS time-stamp or computer time stamp, Radar computer video monitor capture & recording, and advance rackmount servers and storage raid arrays. Please Scroll for More views 





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Rugged Portable Computer prices



RS-1702 QUAD-core Xeon 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers


RS-1702 Quad core Telco Carrier Grade Linux or Windows Ent. servers AC or 28V DC p/s

RS-1702 QUAD Opteron 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers




Sarbanes-Oxley Act and

Enterprise storage Overview


Military COTS Products


Rugged Field Portable computer w/12V-28V DC


Military portable workstation




SCSI-IDE Raid Storage


SCSI-SAS Raid  System


SATA Raid Sub System


2U or 1U 48V dc  Raid array


24 Bay Storage SSD NAS




Min-SAN /Storage Data Backup


IP STORAGE Raid Expansion


NAS (Network Attached Storage)


Arena Indy Disk array systems


Encryption/Decryption Systems


Portable Frame Grabber System


Video surveillance systems


Video systems


Uncompressed DVR with IRIG-B

time stamping (scientific imaging)


1U 64-bit  Dual Opteron Server

Fault-tolerant 1U server


CEP Cluster System Information

Linux Clusters

Beowulf  Cluster Servers

1U, 2U, 3U, Raid Servers,  Workstations and Nodes


More Rack mount systems

4U, 5U Super servers


42U Cluster Server Systems

Industrial computers

Field Portable lunchbox

RF Microwave

Rugged Portable Computers


Automotive color TV system

6.8" TFT LCD color display panel

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Digital Disk Recorder

Embedded Networking

Embedded  Systems

Homeland security appliances

Kiosks / NEMA 4X terminals

Vision and Imaging solutions

CCD Cameras  Surveillance DVR

CCD Infrared Weather proof Surveillance camera

Frame Grabbers / Imaging System

Radar Acquisition systems

Image and Motion Sensors

24-28 V DC POWER Supply

Non-Linear Video Editor

Shipboard computers and

28V DC or -48V DC powered 19" rackmount PC

Plasma Display & Airport video systems

Airborne  Computers with 28V DC

Storage backup

Server Virtualization

Unified Storage

Storage Servers    

Partial Customer and client list.: Over the years our company has supported many customers, including but not limited to many primes and fortune 1000 companies with various custom solutions:

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IRIG-B  GPS Airborne Video Recorders.pdf DVR w/IRIG-time stamp mobile CCTV DVR video systems RAID NAS Servers IPTV video streaming HD-SDI / DVI recorder Network Analyzer Packet Capture Portable industrial comput BLOG / Industry News

Studio9000 DVR IRIG-B CCTV -3G HD-SDI with precision IRIG-B time stamp      Rugged field portable version Airborne or Automotive/Train Vehicle CCTV
Rugged 19" rackmount Multi channel 3G, HD-SDI / DVI/VGA video capture, recording, streaming and playback with precision IRIG-B or GPS time-stamp and frame synchronization system. Simultaneous recording of up to 128 HDTV channels @ 60 fps.

Compressed or uncompressed AVI, H.264, MPEG4,, MPEG-2 TS transport stream, UDP Multicast or Unicast stream over IP networks.

Remote IP monitoring and control of multi-channel video sources, and cameras . Streaming of acquired data/video and voice via IP Networks. Optional removable local storage capacity up to 48TB

Industry's most advanced precision IRIG-B or GPS data and video frame time-stamp and synchronization, Multi-channel DVR digital Video Recorder/ play-back . Indoor/Outdoor CCTV cameras  and NDVR / IP-video streaming  encoder and player

4/8/16/32/64/128 channel HD-SDI , HDTV Video Surveillance Turnkey System

Real-time Live capturing and simultaneous surveillance, Record and viewing of security or monitoring perimeters at full 30 fps or 60fps CCTV quality. Display Full screen(1 camera events), ˝ screen (two camera events) or Ľ  screen (four or more cameras) events  w/ time-stamp. IRIG-B or GPS precision time-stamp and data acquisition o


4/8/16/32/64/128 HD-SDI Camera  Digital Video Recorder With up to 48TB   and optional IRIG-B or GPS data

4/8/16/32/64/128 Camera  digital video recorder for surveillance and security monitoring . Security managers will appreciate the advantages of this digital video recorders-- instant access to video footage, freedom from the wear and tear of old fashioned VCR’s, ease of maintenance, huge recording capacities and much more. Our new DVR gives you all of these benefits and the added bonus of a built-in quad processor, and costs less than most traditional time-lapse VCR’s! Recording time of up to 2400 hours, time, event or alarm list search modes with instant access, fast forward or reverse speeds from 2X up to 32X, password protection, alarm inputs, power off protection, auto stop or auto overwrite when hard drive full options, RS-232 or IP remote control port and much more. Scanning video footage is fast and easy, instead of a frustrating, time consuming ordeal. If you need to "offload" video, it is easy to create a tape of your evidence by connecting a standard VCR to the DVR’s analog video outputs or you can play and replay video content as many times as you want .

  • Features: include optional precision IRIG-B or GPS real-time, time stamp on captured video frames, MPEG-4 or MJPEG compression

  • Data storage up to 48TB.

  • Rack mount option

  • Removable Solid State disk option


Another model DVR800 is a 16-channel digital video recorder with all features needed for high performance Video surveillance and security installations

DVR-MUX 4/8/16/32/64-Channel, Digital Video

Recording Systems (formerly ADMAX CG PRO)

80GB -1000 GB Compact flash Disk 

• Multiple Camera Displays for Viewing or Playback While Recording

 Real Time/ Continuous , Motion, Alarm and Schedule Mode

• Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded operating

system proprietary

•Recording rate of 240 fps automatically

Continuous, Motion, Alarm

-PAL: 720x576, 704x576, 640x576, 352x288, 320x288, 176x144

Time, Date Stamp.

• Hard disk video storage content can be automatically backed-up to central archive system on daily basis(* Back-up components required)


Weather Proof Pan Tilt Zoom Video Security Camera

This versatile yet economical outdoor color dome security camera gives you motorized pan, tilt, and zoom at hundreds below the competition. The color camera has 480 lines of resolution and 1 lux low light rating. The 3.9MM to 85.8MM (22X) remote controlled power zoom lens features auto focus an auto iris. All functions are controlled by the included wired remote control from up to 325 feet away, depending upon your cable length. Dome diameter is 8.5 inches. Operates on 12 volts DC at 1 amp.


·         22X optical zoom lens

·         3.9MM to 85.8MM

·         44X digital zoom

·         480 lines of resolution

·         1.0 lux low light ability

·         Tough weatherproof design

·                         Remote included

·                        12 volts DC, 1 amp

·                        Excellent Value

AAAlso available: High Resolution industrial grade IP Mega-pixel Network cameras for high end IP-Network Surveillance applications



  • ·         Digital video recorder with built-in quad processor

  • ·         Records up to 2400 hours of non-stop video with included 120GB IDE hard drive

  • ·         Four BNC video inputs

  • ·         Adjustable controls for color, brightness and contrast

  • ·         Built-in time/date stamp

  • ·         Manual, alarm, timer recording modes

  • ·         Built-in motion detector with 256 levels of sensitivity

  • ·         Video loss detection

  • ·         1 year warranty

Remote Camera PTZ Control via IP , RS-422, RS-485

Remote Viewing, Access, and Control vial PSTN, TCP/IP LAN or WEB/INTERNET

• Built-in GUI provides easy and fast setup and live view/video playback operation.

External SCSI or Serial-ATA RAID Interface capability for unlimited site data archive

(compatible with Cepoint’s R-STOR series RAID sub-systems)

MJPEG Video Compression algorithm used to maximize recording duration and picture quality

• Multiple Video Resolutions Supported:

-NTSC: 720 x 480, 704 x 480, 640x480, 352x240, 176x112, CIF, QCIF

• Simultaneous record, playback and transmission

of up to 16 digital video channels

•Multiple Server units can be Networked via 100Base-T

• No video degradation regardless of repeated video recording


Weatherproof Color Dual CCD Infrared Video Security Camera

The new PC-126EX will amaze you with its weatherproof see-in-the-dark performance. The PC-126EX employs an ingenious dual-purpose CCD system. In daylight, it operates as a color security camera. In darkness, a photocell automatically triggers a super sensitive monochrome CCD circuit and a high intensity IR array. You get the best of both worlds...beautiful, easy-on-the-eyes color in daylight and super stealthy see-in-the-dark nighttime performance. It measures 4.15” in diameter X 6.6” deep, runs on 110 volts AC and consumes only 3 watts of power. Effective range is up to 50 feet. Built tough in a weatherproof aluminum housing with adjustable mounting bracket and BNC video connector.


** Ask about other computer controlled surveillance appliances, and Covert and non covert  RF Wireless camera interfaces for cable less installations

OUTDOOR  video camera enclosure with Heater-Blower and wiper.

Optional heavy-duty enclosure, vandal proof with heater, blower and wipe is ideal for construction and harsh environments that may be subject to vandal tampering.*** Please ask for our Pan, Zoom , Tilt accessories and remote control devices that are compatible with cameras, MUX and DVR’s……Contact: Your Sales Rep.


·         up to 1920 x 1080  HD-SDI or /DVI resolution

·         0 lux

·         Built-in photocell

·         24V DC or 110 volts AC

·         IR range up to 50 feet

·         Weatherproof

client monitoring via web, smartphone, iphone, tablets, PC ..t

Text Box: Cepoint Networks, LLC. e-mail: ph: (603)883-7979


More Information:

Outdoor  4/8/16/32/64/128- IP Camera

Tunkey System

1 year warranty