High end Digital Video Recorders with IRIG-B time-stamp, GPS time-stamp or computer time stamp, Radar computer video monitor capture & recording, and advance rackmount servers and storage raid arrays. Please Scroll for More views 





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Rugged Portable Computer prices



RS-1702 QUAD-core Xeon 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers


RS-1702 Quad core Telco Carrier Grade Linux or Windows Ent. servers AC or 28V DC p/s

RS-1702 QUAD Opteron 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers




Sarbanes-Oxley Act and

Enterprise storage Overview


Military COTS Products


Rugged Field Portable computer w/12V-28V DC


Military portable workstation




SCSI-IDE Raid Storage


SCSI-SAS Raid  System


SATA Raid Sub System


2U or 1U 48V dc  Raid array


24 Bay Storage SSD NAS




Min-SAN /Storage Data Backup


IP STORAGE Raid Expansion


NAS (Network Attached Storage)


Arena Indy Disk array systems


Encryption/Decryption Systems


Portable Frame Grabber System


Video surveillance systems


Video systems


Uncompressed DVR with IRIG-B

time stamping (scientific imaging)


1U 64-bit  Dual Opteron Server

Fault-tolerant 1U server


CEP Cluster System Information

Linux Clusters

Beowulf  Cluster Servers

1U, 2U, 3U, Raid Servers,  Workstations and Nodes


More Rack mount systems

4U, 5U Super servers


42U Cluster Server Systems

Industrial computers

Field Portable lunchbox

RF Microwave

Rugged Portable Computers


Automotive color TV system

6.8" TFT LCD color display panel

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Digital Disk Recorder

Embedded Networking

Embedded  Systems

Homeland security appliances

Kiosks / NEMA 4X terminals

Vision and Imaging solutions

CCD Cameras  Surveillance DVR

CCD Infrared Weather proof Surveillance camera

Frame Grabbers / Imaging System

Radar Acquisition systems

Image and Motion Sensors

24-28 V DC POWER Supply

Non-Linear Video Editor

Shipboard computers and

28V DC or -48V DC powered 19" rackmount PC

Plasma Display & Airport video systems

Airborne  Computers with 28V DC

Storage backup

Server Virtualization

Unified Storage

Storage Servers    

Partial Customer and client list.: Over the years our company has supported many customers, including but not limited to many primes and fortune 1000 companies with various custom solutions:
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Support Services:   System integration, OEM and Consulting Partners Wanted. Inquire                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        CRM Integration, Inter Connectivity Enterprise Networking, Gigabit Ethernet, Virtual Private Network, Desktop Multimedia TV & VOD Casting Integration

Welcome to Central Point! Your applied computing  & Enterprise solutions  and integration partners

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Portable, Node, and rackmount systems for SECURITY and IMAGING!!!


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  Picture dddd
  • Rack mount Computers
  • Rackmount Network Servers
  • Rugged Industrial Tower Computers
  • Rugged Portable Industrial Notebooks
  • Data Acquisition Computers
  • Industrial Automation Computers
  • Process Control Workstations
  • E-Commerce Servers

TransPACô  Rugged Portable lunchbox workstation with Windows 2000 or Linux  Operating system compatible

Pentium Xeon 2.8GHz

1GB RDRAM memory

36GB SCSI system hdd

64-bit  PCI-express expansion bus

4- 32 bit PCI bus

15" XGA TFT LCD display

Analog/Digital Converter

NI Labview compatible

Optional Frame Grabber w/software for General Purpose Imaging Applications

Monochrome, Composite color, S-video up to  9 camera inputs

Image capture and Analysis software.

Starting from..$1,995

LINUX OS Loaded. VPN , FIREWALL (options available). Network Appliances customized. WINDOWS O/S Options        Rack mount Tower & RAID systems

TransPAC6300 rugged portable notebooks and workstations are ideal for Image Capture & Analysis. Optional  Frame Grabber & Software with up to 9 camera inputs...Scientific Imaging can't be easier!


PIZZA BOX size 1U, 2U Rack mount  Security Servers. DES encryption and decryption at 1.13Gbps

FIRE Walls...Protect your Network against Intruders and Hackers. Up to 128 Encryption/Decryption

  • Complete e-business solutions package available per your requirement
  • Dual or Single Intel Pentium  Xeon or AMD Opteron CPU processors  to 3.06GHz
  • Web-Casters,1U,  2U  E-Servers,  Windows 2000/NT/XP/Me & LINUX e-servers
  • 19Ē rack mount e-networks ready, 1U, 2U,4U, 6U,8Uís custom built per your spec
  • Up to 16GB  RDRAM memory per node
  • Ultra 160 or 320 SCSI controller or Dual Ultra DMA/33/66/100/133 bus master EIDE
  • ATI Rage XL 4MB to 128MB  PCI Graphic controller or Equal
  • 1 to 20-slots PCI/ISA  PICMG backplanes or active
  • motherboards w/4MB Award Flash ROM (may vary depending on config)
  • 250 watts to 1250KW power supply single or redundant hot swap
  • 10/100/1000 on-board or PCI ethernet  driver
  • Pentium II/III/4 Industrial SBC or active AMD procsessor M/B
  • up to 12GB SDRAM memory (for some configurations w/oSBC)
  • 2x RS-232, USB, PS/2 mouse & kybd
  • Y2K compliant. OS factory installed (optional) and tested.
  • OS tested.  Price from...$1695   Email your configuration requirements

We provide turnkey solutions for Linux environments, Windows NT, Windows 2000 /XP(optional)      CePointís  rugged systems are the toughest Linux Industrial PCs and workstations available anywhere.     

When considering server solutions you many want to: Email your quote request sales{AT}cepoint-DOT-com

  • Imagine building your e-business with CePointís network  appliance designed around industrial grade Single Board Computer or active board. for Mission -Critical computing, Scientific Computing and Laboratory R & D
  • When you Select Cepointís very reliable scientific computing systems, you will find it easy for maintenance and manageability
  • Consider desktop management interface, ECC function, H/w monitoring, Blazing performance and programmable watch dog timer to keep track.
  • IrDA support for wireless interface. Heavy duty steel or aluminum chassis and optional EIA standard fiber-optic interface cabling to eliminate EMI/RFI problems.
  • Easily upgrade with constantly changing CPU and minimize your hardware expenditure
  • LINUX, Windows NT, Windows2000/XP/Me, Linux and  clustering machines for ISPís or your Mission-critical applications.

RAMBO 1U AMD Opteron 240 Server 1.4GHz. 512MB 18.2GB hdd.Dual Ethernet ....$1,695 + $35 S&H     BUY NOW...Online                

RAMBO 2U Dual AMD Athlon Server. 2GHz .AMD 760MP chipset. 512MB ECC 18.2GB HDD optimized. High availability             Dual Ethernet...$1,599 +$55S&H        BUY NOW...Online

RAMBO SC3200 Server optimized high performance. 1U Form factor Dual Intel III 1.0 GHz 512MB ECC memory. Serverworks serverset III LE . 18.2GB hdd  Dual Ethernet   . .....$1,290 + $45.00 S&H.                     BUY NOW...Online

RAMBO 1400 Server highly expandable. 4U rackmount form factor. Intel Pentium III 1.0GHz (Dual cpu capable). Serverworks serverset III LE, 128MB ECC mem 80GB EIDE .....$1,109 + $55 S&H

BUY NOW...Online ..           

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