High end Digital Video Recorders with IRIG-B time-stamp, GPS time-stamp or computer time stamp, Radar computer video monitor capture & recording, and advance rackmount servers and storage raid arrays. Please Scroll for More views 

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Rugged Portable Computer prices



RS-1702 QUAD-core Xeon 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers


RS-1702 Quad core Telco Carrier Grade Linux or Windows Ent. servers AC or 28V DC p/s

RS-1702 QUAD Opteron 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers




Sarbanes-Oxley Act and

Enterprise storage Overview


Military COTS Products


Rugged Field Portable computer w/12V-28V DC


Military portable workstation




SCSI-IDE Raid Storage


SCSI-SCSI Raid  System


SATA Raid Sub System


2U  Raid array


24 Bay Storage SSD NAS




Min-SAN /Storage Data Backup


IP STORAGE Raid Expansion


NAS (Network Attached Storage)


Arena Indy Disk array systems


Encryption/Decryption Systems


Portable Frame Grabber System


Video surveillance systems


Video systems


Uncompressed DVR with IRIG-B

time stamping (scientific imaging)


1U 64-bit  Dual Opteron Server

Fault-tolerant 1U server


CEP Cluster System Information

Linux Clusters

Beowulf  Cluster Servers

1U, 2U, 3U, Raid Servers,  Workstations and Nodes


More Rack mount systems

4U, 5U Super servers


42U Cluster Server Systems

Industrial computers

Field Portable lunchbox

RF Microwave

Rugged Portable Computers


Automotive color TV system

6.8" TFT LCD color display panel

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Digital Disk Recorder

Embedded Networking

Embedded  Systems

Homeland security appliances

Kiosks / NEMA 4X terminals

Vision and Imaging solutions

CCD Cameras  Surveillance DVR

CCD Infrared Weather proof Surveillance camera

Frame Grabbers / Imaging System

Radar Acquisition systems

Image and Motion Sensors

24-28 V DC POWER Supply

Non-Linear Video Editor

Shipboard computers and

28V DC or -48V DC powered 19" rackmount PC

Plasma Display & Airport video systems

Airborne  Computers with 28V DC

Storage backup

Server Virtualization

Unified Storage

Storage Servers



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A Unified technology solutions company  Contact: E-mail: sales{AT}cepoint-DOT-com  Phone: (603)557-7464 / (603)321-3762    

      IRIG-B  GPS Industrial DAQ Shipboard computer Fanless computer Oil & Gas 48V DC server Network server Rackmount servers DVR w/IRIG-time stamp mobile DVR video systems RAID NAS Servers IPTV video streaming HD-SDI / DVI recorder Network Analyzer Packet Capture Portable  comput Airborne dvr

 INDUSTRY NEWS    CONTACT: click EMAIL  Tel1: (603)557-7464  BLOG  and Industry Latest news


Customized COTS for every Industry& applications: Contact Us, Email:  Call:603-557-7464
=>RACK MOUNT COMPUTERS, Rackmount moniitors/ Water proof computers
=>28V - 48 V DC POWERED Servers, Telco computers,
=>PORTABLE INDUSTRIAL LUNCH BOX Field Expandable PC w/ PCI, PCI-Express slots,
=>High-Performance & High-Availability 2U;4U Rack mount Solid State Cloud computing, Virtualization and storage  Servers.
    IRIG-B /GPS HD-SDI and HDMI Viideo Time-stamp and IP Video streaming system.
=>RS-1700DX / RS-1700Q Super server Industrial Computers High-Performance & High-Availability,
=>Rugged Solid State Storage industrial Servers for optimized for mission-critical applications in data centers such as Carrier ISP,s, Telco IT / Data Recorders /Data loggers and  Advance Video capturing & Recording / IP Streaming


Best Custom COTS  rugged Industrial rackmount Computers for every applications & environment:  Oil & Gas, Energy, Telecoms, Health, Scientific R & D, Applied Computing, Outdoor


             Quality products & solutions Customized to your specifications! 


 Cepoint is a custom systems manufacturer and Integrator, offering vast array o f customized applied computing and, technology solutions for our national defense, homeland security, Industrial Automation, R & D industry, and manufacturing sectors. Products and solutions ranging from: High end Real-time Digital video recorders, IRIG-B Time-stamp, Video Capture and  Imaging computers for capturing and recording Real-Time Uncompressed video, Surveillance DVR,  GPS integrated DVR, to Blade Servers Dual /Quad processors for High performance computing, IRIG-B Time-stamp, Video Capture and  Imaging computers for capturing and recording Real-Time Uncompressed video, to Blade Servers Dual core processors for high performance computing RAID-5  Storage solutions, NAS, NAS, Frame Grabbers,  portable computers, fault-tolerant systems, 1U Enclosures, 2U, 3U, Linux cluster servers, Embedded RTOS,  Raid Storage, NAS servers, raid arrays, HDTV Recorders, Data Acquisition, SCSI Raid, fault-resilient computers, servers, and video systems, Cluster Nodes, . We take pride in what we do! Made-in-USA    Sitemap Products & Services Index        New: 19" Rackmount 2U rugged servers with 2.5" solid state or std HDD's from $599

 19"Rackmout 1U, 2U, 3U or 4U basic and Rugged Servers, NAS servers, Cluster Servers, nodes Servers and workstations. Oil & Gas, Energy, Telecoms, Health, Scientific R & D, Applied Computing, Outdoor

Rugged Portable workstation, IRIG-B, GPS, Network DVR, frame grabber, IP Video surveillance, Megapixel cameras, RGB, HD-SDI video recorder



New: 19" Rackmount 2U rugged servers with 2.5"HDD


Enquire about our rugged Embedded Fan less PC:



Check out our new RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) Hardened Embedded Linux, Rugged Portable Multi-PCIe bus Field Expandable portable computer. Now Windows / Linux and Unix OS RTOS POSIX compatible portable.. TransPAC-6300 RUGGED Field portable multi I/O BUS expandable computer workstation



AS9000-DVR. Advanced Studio9000-DVR IRIG time-stamp with multi-screen RGB/DVI  controller for real-time video applications such as:


Surveillance, or Command & Control center.


 => Advanced Studio9000 DVR with Multi-screen RGB /DVI video wall display controller. AS9000-DVR can simultaneously playback /display up to 32-High resolution 50"- 67" LCD Display monitors per turnkey system



Video wall multi display servers for large scale multiple display monitoring such as Emergency Response station, Airport monitoring station, public transportation monitoring centers, Command & Control Stations requiring from any matrix form of display configuration from 1x2, 2x4, 4 x4 ,8 x 8 and so .on





19"Rackmout 2U, 3U or 4U basic and Rugged Servers, NAS servers, Cluster Servers, nodes Servers and workstations.. OIL & GAS, INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION, DATA RECORDERS / VIDEO IMAGING & ACQUISITION


Airborne  28V DC powered  portable field secure data acquisition solutions,


Multi-bus expandable portable secure workstation                                                             ONE STOP INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS  MARKET SHOP


Safety-critical portable Industrial monitoring


Mobile critical real-time data acquisition requiring ,multiple card I/O                               CONTACT sales: click & EMAIL




High Speed Video capture w/IRIG-B Time-stamp, NAS servers, NAS Solutions. Military COTS products


New!...QUAD processor Industrial SBC, NEB's Telco carrier grade servers...available with 28V or -48V DC  P/S option..

Power Density, 1U, 2U, 3U NAS servers, Cluster nodes, Workstations and Rugged terminals, IRIG-B video

REDUNDANT FAULT-TOLERANT 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U Enterprise super system & IP STORAGE RAID

                                                                                          Image: 1U fault-tolerant opteron server with redundant h/s p/sImage: RA300 serial-ATA RAID subsystemCePOINT is world's  #1 Mission-Critical  RAID Storage Source for Military harsh environments and Scientific Computing  Centers.

 MEDICAL Information  System      
Real-Time High Speed Image Capture Medical Imaging
Video capture With IRIG-B & GPS Time Stamp Patients Records Management & Data Storage

Enterprise Storage, Rugged Portable lunchbox  workstation. 1U Fault-Resilient AMD Opteron Server . Serial-ATA RAID, SAS RAID, SATA-SCSI RAID, Data acquisition .  Computer Telephony  .   Industrial processes   .  NAS,  iSCSI, SAN DVR, IRIG, B, Time-Stamp, storage    Aerospace . Homeland Security appliances . Military COTS . Vision and Imaging systems.  Rugged Compact 5.25"disk size Industrial PC's. Best prices !  Best buy !!  Best Performance !!!  NAS Solutions,

RAID 5, STORAGE array, 2U NAS                                    Surveillance & Object Tracking


DVI/VGA 3G HD-SDI Recorders

Industrial Surveillance cameras  Network Digital Video Recorders: 4, 8, 16, 32 channels
Field Portable Computers & RTOS Embedded  Linux Portable Data Acquisition ComputersPortable Lunchbox Workstation w/ exp PCIe slots           
Expandable Portable Data Acquisition  Rugged Portable Data Analyzer
Rugged Computer servers and workstations Portable Instrumentation, Data Recorders
High Performance Dual-Core Opteron node prices 1U Dual-core QUAD XEON Cluster Nodes

broadcast and multimedia

industrial computers

IP Surveillance| Cameras | NDVR Low cost Rugged 2U Rack mount servers & workstations w/ 28VDC
·HDTV Professional video Recorder &editing systems /  Video Tx/RX I Video Wall · Rack mount servers and cluster computers Beowulf servers,
VIDEO WALL Controller Servers  Beowulf computers 4 - 20 PCI slots  & -48V DC
·DVI /RGB  video Recorder w/ IRIG time · Test & measurement equipment I Military  COTS Systems
 HD-SDI RGB/ DVR with IRIG-B time-stamp · Process control and automation & NEMA Workstations
·Digital video server/Video-on-Demand(VOD) · Data storage Array 28V DC and -48V DC Rackmount PC
.Multichannel IPTV/ Video  Streaming   Rugged portable computers  & Portable Workstations
DATA / NAS  Storage Systems GRID  Computing & CLUSTER SERVERS
6,8, 12-bay. 24-bay. 32-bay, 48 bay, 62-drive bay up to 4-PTB unlimited storage cloud solution Linux Cluster System
 1U,2U,5U 15" short depth server Enterprise Cluster System
nas server (Serial-ATA/SCSI) Rugged Raid

Master Server Nodes

Serial-ATA (SATA) / Fibre Channel QUAD  or Dual-Core Xeon Servers I Hyper Blades
Arena Indy-2600, 16-bay Raid subsystem Linux Cluster nodes and workstations
2U SSD Rackmount Rugged  Servers /NEBS Telco DATA STORAGE SERVER  (AC or DC powered)
6 or Quad-Core QUAD Super servers Data Storage & VIRTUAL Storage systems
SAS/ NAS servers , 2U-24 bay NAS Storage Serial-Attached NAS Storage
Imaging system w/ IRIG-B or GPS tim CLOUD 2U Rackmount 48-bay 2.5" SSD Servers High Capacity Data  StorageRugged SSD 2U Rackmount Servers           
networking telecommunications
· Fiber Optic Modem, ATM switches, Network Time Server · Microwave Tx/Rx systems & VSAT
· Hubs, Firewalls, network appliances · DVB satellite systems
· Bridges & routers, kvm, switches · VOIP / SIP Trunking  & Switching systems
· Networking monitoring equipment · Cellular and wireless systems
 Industrial Kiosk information system   Telemetry and portable measurement
transportation aerospace
· Automotive engine control systems · Portable Mil-Std-1553 Analyzer/Simulator
· Traffic signal control & GPS vehicle Tracking · Airline passenger entertainment systems
· High-speed train control · Satellite tracking systems/Portable Radar  scanner
· Anti-skid testing systems · Avionics computer and display panel
 Rugged embedded computer, Marine computers  Portable  computer,Test & Measurement computer
HD-SDI, HDMI/ IRIG-B video capture, recording & IP-video streaming w/time-stamp
 MEDICAL Information  System      
Real-Time High Speed Image Capture Medical Imaging
Video capture With IRIG-B & GPS Time Stamp


Patients Records Management & Data Storage

Image: embedded industrial biscuit PC w/ 80GB HDD for industrial controlsImage: RCN industrial mini-controller computer

Tests & Measurements I Broadcast & Multimedia | Industrial Computers | Networking
Telecommunications | Transportation | Aerospace | On-line Quote REQUEST


IDE-RAID, SATA RAID, NAS, iSCSI, Frame Grabbers, RAID 5, Storage Raid, portable computers, fault-tolerant, 1U Enclosures, 2U, 3U, Linux cluster, Raid Storage, NAS servers, raid arrays, SAN, IP SAN, Serial-ATA, fault-resilient computers , 1U, 2U, Opteron servers, video servers, Cluster Nodes, IRIG-B, Time-stamp, Video Capture, Imaging, Uncompressed video, DVR, B, GPS, Dual core processors and High performance computing!

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