OC3, T3, T1/E1 Physical Connectivity Interfaces
OC-3/STM-1: SC Connector
STS-1/STM-0/T3: Male BNC Connector
T1/E1: RJ48c Connector
External Clock: MCX Connector
PC Interface: PCI 2.1 Compliant
OC-3/STM-1 Line Interface
Physical Interface: SC Connector
Fiber Pigtail: Single mode, 1310 nm
Pulse Mask: Meets ITU-T G.957 and Bellcore DR-253-CORE
Line Code: NRZ
Output Clock Reference: Recovered OC-3 Clock, External 19.44 MHz, or Internally Generated 155.52MHz ± 4.6ppm
Rx Sensitivity: -31 dBm
STS-1/STM-0 Line Interface
Physical Interface: BNC Male Connectors
Output Clock Reference: Recovered STS-1/STM-0 Clock, External 19.44 MHz, or Internally Generated 51.84MHz ± 4.6ppm
T3 Line Interface
Physical Interface: BNC Male Connectors
Line Code Format: B3ZS
Framing Format: M23, C-bit
Input Frequency: 44.736 Mbps
Receiver Interface: DSX-3 (Terminate or Monitor)
Input Impedance: 75 Ohms
Input Level: Terminate- 0.09 Vp – 0.85 Vp
Monitor 0.025– 0.08 Vp (Up to 26 dB flat loss relative to nominal DSX)
Output Level: DSX- Per TR-TSY-0004999, 0.75 to 0.85 Vp
Output Clock Source: Recovered or Internal
T1/E1 Line Interface
Physical Interface: RJ48c Connector
Line Code Format: AMI or B8ZS (T1), HDB3 (E1)
Input Frequency: 1.544 Mbps (T1) or 2.048 Mbps (E1)
Receiver Interface: Terminate
Input Impedance: 100 Ohms (T1), 120 Ohms (E1)
Input Level: +75 mV to 6.0V base to peak or –30 dBsX to +6 dBsX
Output Level: +3.0 +/-0.2 Base to Peak Selectable 0 to 655 ft. Pulse Equalization Setting for T1 Short Haul, or line build outs for 0 dB to –22.5 dB (T1 Long Haul)
External Clock Interface
Physical Interface: MCX Connector
Electrical Standard: RS485/RS422
SONET/SDH Framing Formats
SDH: STM-1 (AU-3, AU-4)
Payload Mappings SONET
STS-3c (Bulk Filled) 􀃆OC-3
• STS-1􀃆OC-3 (Add/Drop)
• STS-1 (Bulk Filled) 􀃆STS-1
• T3􀃆OC-3 (Internal and Add/Drop)
• T3􀃆STS-1 (Internal only)
• E1􀃆VT-2􀃆STS-1 (Internal and Add/Drop)
• E1􀃆VT-2􀃆OC-3 (Internal and Add/Drop)
• T1􀃆VT-1.5􀃆STS-1 (Internal and Add/Drop)

• VC-4 (Bulk filled)􀃆AU-4􀃆STM-1
• STM-0􀃆AU-3􀃆STM-1 (Add/Drop)
• VC-3 (Bulk Filled) 􀃆AU-3􀃆STM-1
• T3􀃆AU-3􀃆STM-1 (Internal and Add/Drop)
• T3􀃆AU-3􀃆STM-0 (Internal only)
• E1􀃆TU-12􀃆TUG-2􀃆AU-3􀃆STM-0
• E1􀃆TU-12􀃆TUG-2􀃆AU-3􀃆STM-1