RAID SYSTEM FIBRE Series V offers ultimate performance

RS-208Y 2U Rackmount 8-bay
8 bays Dual channels Fibre to SATA II RAID Subsystem

RS-212Y 12 bay 2U Rackmount version

2 bays Dual channels Fibre to SATA II RAID Subsystem

RS-316YC 16-bay 3U Rackmount version
16 bays Dual channels Fibre to SATA II RAID Subsystem


Enhance Features:

Supports RAID 6
RAID 6 is essentially an extension of RAID 5 which implements a second independent distributed parity scheme. RAID 6 can handle the failure of any two drives in the array while other single RAID levels can handle at most one fault. It provides the highest level ever of data protection without sacrifice the performance.

SATAII Disk Interface
The next generation Hard disk drive (3Gbps performance) with features such as native command queuing (NCQ).

Convenient Modularized Architecture
Yotta series is a fully modularized design that replaces all the cables with connectors. RAID Controller, cooling fans, disk drive, and power supply can be easily swapped to minimize the down time of the RAID service.

EZSecur Lock
The user-friendly lock is designed with keyless and secure 2 steps safety measurement to prevent accidental removal of the hard drive.

Smart Redundant fan
Striking the balance between thermal and acoustics, CePOINTs smart redundant fan operates at a highly efficient cooling mechanism. The design of the 2 linear redundant fans in a module works more efficient to ventilate the heat out from the rear.





RAID Engine

Intel Xscale i80331@667Mhz



RAID Levels

0,1,0+1,3,5,,6,30,50,NRAID and JBOD

Cache Support
(Write back)

Up to 2GB of 64-bit DDR 333 SDRAM

System Type

Rack mountable 2U

Rack mountable 3U

Host Interface

Dual loops 2Gb/4Gb Fibre Channels, Standard SFP connectors

Disk Interface


Host Transfer Rate

2GB/sec or 4GB/sec per channel

Disk Channel

8 of SATAII (3Gb) 

12 of SATAII (3Gb) 

16 of SATAII (3Gb) 

LCD Display 

2 Lines by 16 characters

Hot Swap and redundant

Yes (Power Supply, Hard Disk Drive & Fan)

Hot Spare

Yes (Disk Down)

Battery Back-Up Module

Optional, Supporting 72 hours battery back-up time


Web browser-based RAID manager via build in 10/100 Ethernet port

Array Management Support 


Automatic Bad-Sector & Error Recovery


Automatic Drive Rebuilds 

Yes. Automatic Data rebuilds.

Audible Alarm, Pager and Fax Notification


Remote Terminal Configuration 

Yes. Through RS-232 or 10/100 Ethernet port

Operating Systems

OS independent and transparent 

Power Supply

Redundant by Dual 375W Power modules with PFC feature, Loading Sharing type and cable-less design.

Redundant by Dual 460W Power modules with PFC feature, Loading Sharing type and cable-less design.


AC Voltage 110-230 VAC/AC Frequency 50-60Hz


Operating Temperature : 10 to 35 degree C.

Relative Humidity

20% to 80% non-condensing


446.4(W) x 88.8(H) x 527(D)

446.4mm(W) x 132.4mm(H) x 482mm(D)

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